Top Animal Artists

Yesterday I read an article about this painting which won $10,000 in an Art competition.
This was the winning piece:


And the artist? Brent…. the 37-year-old chimp! (As part of the Humane society Chimpanzee Art Competition)

All of this got me wondering what other animals out there can paint… and there were so many more that I imagined. Here are just a few:

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5 discoveries at the Sir John Soane’s Museum

If you’re looking for something slightly different to the conventional hanging of museums and galleries … this is DEFINITELY for you. On Tuesday, I went on a little trip to the Sir John Soane’s Museum to see for myself. 

The museum also houses Hogarth’s famous A Rake’s Progress (Mentioned in my Grayson Perry essay) … so that was a huge bonus!

Sir John Soane was an English neoclassical Architect. He designed the Dulwich Picture Gallery. The museum is basically his house with all the antiquities he acquired over the years… and it is COVERED in them….

5 things I discovered at the gallery:

1) He designed a palour and yard in his house for an Imaginary Monk!

The monk was named Padre Giovanni – some say his creation was stimulated my Soane’s own sense of isolation. The parlour is designed in a Gothic style, and is intended to be melancholic through the restricted light and intense, deep colours. He admired the way the Gothic taught a young architect how to use light, but said the form was too capricious.

Sometimes, he would write in the monk’s diary. After his wife’s death, he wrote on one evening “Dined as usual alone…returned to my solitary cell! The Mansion of Woe”. One the Monk’s grave is the inscription “Alas, Poor Fanny!” – it is in fact Mrs Soane’s lapdog Fanny who is actually buried here.

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A new sight for the London Eye …

A new sight for the London Eye  ...

I want to say a BIG thank you to all of you who have followed me or liked my posts! This is my second day of posting and you have all made me feel really welcome indeed! This photo is mainly for you guys 🙂

I achieved this effect with a slightly longer exposure time (about 1 second) and zoomed out gradually as I released the shutter. It has not been edited in anyway. (Twilight is a really good time to take a photos because you have a hinterland of light and dark) Lights look good, too.

Have a lovely day!

A Medium for my Mummy ^.^

A Medium for my Mummy ^.^

My mum is a frequent subject for my works. She sits patiently and poses whilst I try desperately not to muck it up!

I found this chalk drawing I did of my mum last year. This is the best material I have used yet to portray her gentle, passive and warm personality.

I hope I was able to do her justice.

Urban Photography with ‘Preston is my Paris’

Waaaaay back in March (a long time ago now, well to me!) I took part in a photography course with Adam Murray and Robert Parkinson from Preston is my Paris – a project which uses photography to change the way people view their cities and towns. Below are some of the shots I took of Croydon:


Croydon McDonald’s

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Craft Club 2012

Some of the crafts we made (click to enlarge) >.<

Craft Club Overview 2012stall

This was the first year of my school Craft Club, a club which I set up and run for years 7, 9 and sixth form. 

I was really lucky to have such a talented group to work with. It was small but effective –

At the end of the year we set up 2 stalls; one at the school summer fair and the other at South Norwood Arts Festival.


We raised a Grand total of £241.68 for the Saint Vincent de Paul charity!! a link to their site can be found here:

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