Light Stencils – A contemporary cottingley

Light Stencils - A contemporary cottingley

Here is my version of the cottingley fairies, using the light stencil method.

There is a post below about how to create your own stencil so that you can give it a try too!


How to: Light Stencils


Light stencils are a great way to add a little unique flair into your photos – and can produce some amazing results.
Here is how to make your own!

You will need:
– Camera
– Detachable Flash unit
– Cardboard box and lid
– Scalpel
– Colour filters (optional)
– Black and white Card

1. Fill he inside of your box, so that it’s white.


2. cut a large rectangle hole in your lid making sue that it is slightly smaller than your card  


3. Put tracing paper over the hole, so to slightly diffuse the flash light

5. Cut a small hole at the side of the box, to make sure that your hand can fit through with the flash gun

4. Using black card, cut out your stencils. Some ideas (birds, planes, bats, juggling balls). When this is done, you can stick them in turn to the front of the box.

– Wait till it gets a little dark. You will need a long exposure (these were all done on 30 seconds) and a low ISO (100). My aperture was at f/25

– Put the flash gun inside the box and hold it so that the stencil is facing the camera. Then you can flash it as many times as you like.

– You can change the colour of the stencil by placing a filter over the flash gun

– If you want portraits with your light stencils, like the ones above, then get an extra person to shine a torch light over your subject. Make sure the torchlight isn’t facing the camera, or the light lines will be too strong!

Have fun!