Digital Projectors, Double Portraits

Digital Projectors, Double Portraits

This is a fun way to play with double exposures without post-shoot editing.

I projected a portrait of my model onto her face, to create these eerie illusions.

Have a go yourself, there are so many possibilities!


Chiaroscuro to the max!

Chiaroscuro to the max!

Chiaroscuro literally means “light” and “dark” in Italian.

Painters such as Caravaggio in the Baroque era were amazed by the dynamic and dramatic quality that combining such intense light effects gave.

By placing the stage light 45 degrees away from my model’s head, I was able to produce a unique outline of her face.

Get Sticking!

Get Sticking!

As part of my on going art project based on our nature of ‘reading’ images, I made this collage (of my brother, again) entirely from newspapers/ other ephemera in his room. (I asked first!)

We are using these clues of him to shape a whole new idea of his psyche, which is what I tried to portray here. Hope you like it!

Pssst! If you look really closely, you’ll find that the right hand side of his nose is made from Vietnam (that was from an old atlas image in the metro)



There are so many possibilities with slightly varied exposure (here, EX 1/15). This is my little (monkey) brother jumping on my bed.

After (many!) attempts I managed to focus on his face and the room and take everything else slightly out of focus. He can actually look this hyper when jumping around the house!

Exposure compensation – -3.0
ISO – 200