What do Artists do All Day?

Producing a ‘work of creative genius’ takes time; after weeks of trying to polish your skill, you may never reach that final result you have been aiming for.

So what is it that can endorse creativity?

Have a look at this BBC world news series following photographer Tom Wood, entitled “What do Artists do All Day?” and let me know what you think!

There is a different artist every month – so have a look!


Why is Art Important?

In this TEDed video, educator Amy E Herman explains the importance of visual communication.

I would like to posit another importance of art: empathy.

Up until WW1, a lot of art was about expressing a society’s ideals.  It can be very interesting and worthwhile to access what individuals in our society most desire. This knowledge can lead us to a better understanding of how of environment ticks, and how we can improve it.

What do you think? Why is art important to you?

Please let me know in the comments below!


Gyotaku: Japanese Fish Prints

There is a common misconception that art and science aren’t linked. Before the invention of photography in ≈1819, our only visual means of preserving observations were through drawings and prints.

Although in Japan gyotaku (fish prints) was used primarily for egotistical purposes as trophies, it was a unique medium for capturing an accurate likeness of a fish. To me processes like this, exploring what things are and how they work, sparked the beginning of natural philosophy – aka science.

Enjoy this short video, which explains more about the gyotaku process…